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List of Bases/Stations in Antarctica - Antarctic Stations on Map, too.

Labeled and Detailed Antarctic  Map of Stations/Bases

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I was looking for a list of ALL the stations or bases in Antarctica and found it difficult to find a simple list that was not in a chart. I just wanted a list that I could highlight the names and paste the list into a notepad document for my project, but couldn't find such a thing. So, in case someone else is trying to find the same kind of list to copy & paste without all the extra details, you can find that here. I had to copy & paste the chart lists and clean them up, taking out all the extra stuff and leaving just the stations names. So here you go! Hope this helps somebody :)

Stations in Antarctica

1. Aboa
2. Almirante Brown Antarctic Base 
3. Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station
4. Artigas Base
5. Asuka Station
6. Belgrano II
7. Bellingshausen Station
8. Bernardo O'Higgins Station
9. Bharati
10. (Captain) Arturo Prat Base
11. Casey Station
12. Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station
13. Concordia Station
14. Dakshin Gangotri
15. Davis Station
16. Dome Fuji Station
17. Druzhnaya 4
18. Dumont d'Urville Station
19. Villa Las Estrellas
20. Esperanza Base
21. Gabriel de Castilla Station
22. Gonzalez Videla Station
23. Great Wall Station
24. Halley Research Station
25. Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station
26. Jang Bogo Station
27. Jinnah Antarctic Station
28. Juan Carlos I Station
29. Jubany
30. King Sejong Station
31. Kohnen Station
32. Kunlun Station
33. Law-Racovi/Law Racovitață Station
34. Leningradskaya Station
35. Machu Picchu Research Station
36. Maitri Station
37. Maldonado Base
38. Marambio Base
39. Mario Zucchelli Station
40. Mawson Station
41. McMurdo Station
42. Mendel Polar Station
43. Mirny Station
44. Mizuho Station
45. Molodezhnaya/Molodyozhnaya Station
46. Neumayer-Station III
47. Novolazarevskaya Station
48. Orcadas Base
49. Palmer Station
50. Princess Elisabeth Base
51. Professor Julio Escudero Base
52. Progress Station
53. Rothera Research Station
54. Russkaya Station
55. San Martín Base
56. SANAE IV (South African National Antarctic Expedition)
57. St. Kliment Ohridski Base
58. Scott Base
59. Showa Station
60. Signy Research Station
61. Svea Research Station
62. Taishan Station
63. Tor Station
64. Troll Station
65. WAIS Divide Camp
66. Wasa Research Station   
67. Vernadsky Research Base
68. Vostok Station
69. Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) Station

Below are several stations that were NOT included in the list provided by Wikipedia. These stations were  in the list from

1. Arctowski
2. Arturo Parodi
3. Browning Pass
4. D10 skiway
5. D85 skiway
6. Enigma Lake
7. Escudero
8. Fossil Bluff
9. Frei
10. Mid Point
11. Odell Glacier
12. Ohridiski
13. Progress 2
14. Refugio Ecuador
15. S17
16. Sitry
17. Sky Blu

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